We met Carol at an event in 2022. Watch as she tries on these socks for the first time and says her neuropathy pain and tingling is going away.

Socks For Neuropathy

Neuropathy pain can range from a mild tingling to a severe burning, but regardless, it affects your quality of life. The pain often comes from a breakdown in communication between your nerves and your brain.

Our goal is to provide you with studies and reviews on the best products to find neuropathic relief.

We started with socks, and the winners are VoxxLife and their HPT technology – which studies & testimonials show to help improve your nerve-brain communication.

941 out of 1,000 diabetes patients agree, citing significant pain relief.

Video from March 2020 shows the HPT technology in a wearable patch, same as the HPT technology woven into these socks. Showing brain mapping effect


“Human Performance Technology”

Read how Voxx’s HPT Technology works, and the pain relief benefits you can expect by wearing the socks.


“95% of the subjects saw a significant reduction in pain after 1 week of usage”

This report summarizes the effect Voxx socks have on neuropathy pain

Voxx Socks For Neuropathy Pain Assesment Before And After Study

What Neuropathy Patients Are Saying

Our Promise: All videos shown on this site were filmed by us and are 100% authentic. They show people who we just met for the first time, experiencing immediate relief from their neuropathic pain as well as improved balance or range of motion. All of them are wearing these socks, insoles or patches.

Powerful testimonial video showing the impact these socks have on this woman’s movement. We had to give her a hug…

Not just for neuropathy pain, this is a heartfelt video showing balance improvement simply by wearing the neuropathy socks by VoxxLife

“…neuropathy pain in my feet, and these things are great. My feet don’t ache and I don’t even feel tired…”

Watch as Ricky stands up, takes a few steps, and talks about his improved balance and speech while wearing the Voxx socks.

She bought a pair of Voxx socks then came back the next day to tell her story. Hear how they helped her walk without her cane.

This woman suffers from constant pain from a sciatica, spinal fusion, and disc replacement. Watch her get immediate pain relief from Voxx socks
The benefits of Voxx extend beyond neuropathy pain, with studies on balance, range of motion, and more. Thousands of real people like Travis, shown here, experience relief from their symptoms of MS and other neurological and nervous system issues.

Filmed in Sept. 2020 in Fresno, California. Travis has suffered from MS and paralysis and watch how he walks after putting on these socks from VoxxLife
Screenshot of VoxxLife CEO Jay Dhaliwal in The CEO Magazine


“We have solutions that people need without the side effects of drugs or invasive electrical stimulation

Read the whole article published in May 2019


Socks For Neuropathy

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