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Health coach, Janet Bernstein, provides advice for relieving your neuropathy pain so you can get back to feeling like yourself again.


Janet Bernstein

My journey with neuropathy remedies started in 2016 when I first learned about “neuro-tech”. There is a company out of Canada called Voxx that developed a line of socks & insoles with a particular stitching (neuro-tech) with with clinical studies had shown to reduce neuropathy pain.

Skeptically, I asked a few friends & strangers who suffered with that pain to see how it made them feel, and within seconds they were smiling. It was working, and working well!

My husband and I now work together on researching and sharing our findings on socks and related remedies for reducing neuropathy pain. It feels good to know we’re helping people, that’s what motivates us! Reach out if you have any questions.

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Within two days I noticed a difference in [my] neuropathy symptoms (tingling, burning, electric sparks of pain) and muscle spasms. Now, four months later, there is about a 80-95% reduction in these symptoms (depending on the day) and it is all because of the socks. This has literally changed my life

Karlin U. written on a Facebook page for testimonials about Voxx socks.


Socks For Reducing Neuropathy Pain


What They Say


“Human Performance Technology”

This 1-pager covers how Voxx’s HPT Technology (their socks for neuropathy pain) work, and the benefits you can expect.

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