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Hi, I’m Brett. I live in California with my family, run a technology business, and have a couple crazy dogs. My journey with socks and neuropathy pain remedies started in 2016 when I stumbled upon “neuro-tech”.

Always interested in health and emerging technology, I decided to learn more.

At a high level, “neuro-tech” is a science and technology being developed by Voxx Life. I dive into the details in this article, but it’s a special stitching woven into Voxx socks that are helping hundreds of thousands of people live better with less neuropathy pain.

An independent study found that after one week of wearing these socks, the average pain level reported by 1,000 neuropathy patients went from a 7 (severe) to a 2 (mild).

Always skeptical, I went on to ask a few friends & strangers who suffered with neuropathy pain to see how they felt while wearing the socks. Within seconds they were smiling!

My parents and I are now very involved in the neuropathy community. You can find us engaging in this Facebook Group with 50,000 members, and spending our weekends at local markets, and trade shows helping people with neuropathy pain and balance issues try the socks on risk-free to feel the benefits.

I receive a small commission when you buy socks from links on this site, but our bigger motivation is seeing just how fast and significantly these socks help people. All the socks come with a 30-day money back guarantee. So if they don’t help you, just return them, no problem.

Thanks for reading. Please reach out with any questions! – Brett

Helping a young kid try on socks for neuropathy pain and balance
My dad, Marc, helping a young kid try on the Voxx Socks at the 2020 Abilities Expo in LA