How HPT Neuropathy Socks Work

This video from March 2020 shows the HPT technology in a new wearable patch, same as the HPT technology woven into these socks. Showing brain mapping effect.

As shown above and in this clinical study, the HPT-embedded socks developed by VoxxLife provide significant nerve pain relief. (All VoxxLife socks come with the HPT technology embedded).

941 out of 1,000 diabetes patients with “severe” neuropathic pain felt relief almost immediately. They described their new level of pain as “mild” or manageable. We set out to understand how these specific neuropathy socks work.

Step 1: Wear The Socks

It all starts with a specific technology, called HPT, that’s woven into the bottom of Voxx’s socks. The technology looks like a pattern. It’s not something you’ll necessarily feel, but it’s at the heart of how their socks help.

VoxxLife HPT Illustration for Socks For Neuropathy
Illustration showing the HPT pattern

Real Photo of VoxxLife HPT Illustration for Socks For Neuropathy
Photo showing the HPT pattern in real-life

As soon as you wear a pair of their socks, the HPT pattern comes in contact with the nerve receptors on the bottom of your feet. This triggers a message through your peripheral nervous system and up to your brain. Again, this is not something you’ll likely feel happening, but the information will get sent nonetheless.

Step 2: Your Brain Processes That Message

Once your brain receives that message (almost instantly) it processes the information and begins to send out commands to your hands, feet, and the rest of your body. These commands help your body regulate the neuropathic pain you’re experiencing, like burning or tingling feet.

Step 3: Get Pain Relief In Seconds

The brain receives the message and sends signals through the nervous system to help minimize pain from peripheral neuropathies

Everything above happens near instantly, and you should begin feeling at least a little better within ten seconds of putting the socks on.

For further reading on how these neuropathy socks work, there are studies and testimonials from real customers throughout our website, as well as in this public Facebook group, and on VoxxLife’s Technology page.

Please contact us with any questions. You can always try on a pair and see how the socks work for you. You have 30 days to return them if you are not happy or they don’t do what you expect.

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